MTSE 2020 Exam Preparation Tips, Interview Questions

Exam Preparation Tips

Maharashtra Talent Search Exam 2020: Get MTSE Exam Interview Asked Questions and also get the Exam Preparation tips for MTSE Exam 2020. Readers must go through this article to get the more information about the both topics.

MTSE Examination 2020: Interview Questions | Preparation Tips

Centre for Talent Search & Excellence, N.Wadia College Compus, Pune will conduct the MTSE examination in upcoming days. All the Students who are currently studying in Std. VIII, IX or X in any government recognized Schools are eligible to participate in the Maharashtra Talent Search Examination. MTSE is a Center of Search and Excellence to search the talented students. It also encourages the students by rewarding them scholarships and Prizes. After this Exam, applicants have to qualify this exam for appearing in the Interview. MTSE will conduct Interview after completion of examination process. Selected Students will be awarded by Scholarships and Prizes.

How to Qualify Maharashtra Talent Search Exam 2020-21?

MTSE Exam Preparation Tips: Students who have applied for this MTSE exam , now they will face examination and after qualify the written test, they should appear for interview process. Now in the Selection Process first they have to qualify the exam. So for successful qualify the exam students have to follow some these tips which are following:

1. First of All, Students must check the exam pattern & complete syllabus of the examination properly. Check the syllabus and exam pattern for MTSE examination through official web portal. Note down it and identify the topics for exam preparation.

2. All the students should make the time table to study for this examination And follow your Time table. Give more time for study and try to study in morning. If not possible then choose the better place where you can study without any kind of disturbance. Choose the Best books according to your exam syllabus.

3. Don’t waste your time in other activities. Simply focus on Study and avoid other activities which will diverting your mind from study. Do not use the Smart Phone and stay away from Social Networks during study.

4. Include the Short Breaks in your Study Plan and prepare yourself with a proper Study plan. Do not take much stress of study. Go to play at ground and do some physical activities when you free at evening.

5. Don’t go for all the subjects at one time. Divide your syllabus and study according to time availability. Give Proper Time to your studies.

6. Boost up your writing speed. Good writing skills will help you to crack the Maharashtra Talent Search Examination.

7. Increase your Problem Solving skills.

8. Read Newspapers daily and Increase your General knowledge.

9. Go for Model Question Papers, Previous Year papers and solved papers after complete your preparation.

10. Remember one thing “Hard work is the Key of Success”. So do not run away from hard work.

These are the few simple exam preparation tips. Students can follow these steps to qualify the Maharashtra Talent Search Exam.

Maharashtra Talent Search Examination Interview Asked Questions:

The Second Phase of MTSE Exam will be Interview. Students who will qualify their written examination then they will be called for the interview. And that student, who will crack the interview, will be select for scholarship and prizes. Lots of questions are running in Students mind like Which type of questions will be asked in interview? So here we are for that type of students, we are providing some most common interview asked questions. Firstly, questions can be based on your syllabus also. So revise your syllabus too before interview. In the interview, interviewer can ask some General Knowledge Questions also.

Check the Interview Questions at below. Students must read them and get the rough idea what kind of question can be asked by interviewer in MTSE Interview.


  1. Question: In which State is the Bay of Bengal?
  2. Question : How can a man live up to 8 days without sleep?
  3. Question: Which Animal is know as the “Ship of the Desert”?
  4. Question: Adarsh and Anupam two twins born in May, but their birthday is in How is that possible?
  5. Question: Japan is also known as?
  6. Question: A cat has three children, cat named Their January, February, and March. What is the name of the cat?
  7. Question: Which is the Brightest Planet in our Solar System?
  8. Question :  If you throw a red stone into the blue sea, then what will happen?
  9. Question: Tallest mountain in the world?
  10. Question : James Bond without a parachute after jumping from Airplane, is alive, how?
  11. Question : What looks like half an apple?
  12. Question: Which plant is know as the Read Planet?
  13. Question: What is the name of First Asian who was awarded by Nobel Prize?

Check the Answers of Above Questions:

  1. Answer: In the liquid state.
  2. Answer: A man sleeps at night, then what you need to bed in the day.
  3. Answer: Camel
  4. Answer: May is a Place Name.
  5. Answer: The Land of Rising Sun
  6. Answer : The answer is already in the question. A cat named is ‘What.’
  7. Answer: Venus
  8. Answer : The Stone will be wet and will drown.
  9. Answer: Mount Everest
  10. Answer: Simple, because the airplane is on runway not in the sky.
  11. Answer : The second Half apple will look like this.
  12. Answer: Mars
  13. Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

I have added some GK questions also. Students should to prepare for General Knowledge Section, Current Events, Sports, Cultural Activities, Hobbies etc related topics for interview section. Questions make by asked related your Hobbies and other activities done by you in day to day life.

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