Top 10 Most Effective Tips for Students to Avoid Sleep while Studying


How to Avoid Sleep while Studying? Follow Top 10 Tips – Most Effective Tips for Students to Avoid Sleep while Studying for long hours to prepare competitive exams. Are your preparing for competitive examination or board exams ? if yes then study for long hours is challenge for those students who want to do something their life. Students will have to avoid some silly mistakes during study and study for long hours without any problem.

How to avoid sleep while studying?

To crack any competitive examination or board exam, candidate must have to do hard work. Candidate must have to spent the sufficient time to crack the examination in given time range. Otherwise you will have to hard work more and need to spent more hours on study. When a student study in the morning time with fresh time, it becomes really easy to grab and learns the things easily. But at certain time likes when a student study in afternoon or midnight, then starts feeling sleepy while studying. So this is most important thing student should make a plan and follow the top 10 tips to avoid sleep during study for long hours. Here are some tips to avoid sleep while studying. These tips are as follows:

1.Keep your study room well lighted

The most of students commit is studying with a Table lamp light or in sufficient lighten room. Every candidate should keep your room well lighted. As we know that darkness is main cause of sleep. So that candidates make your surrounding in study room bright and well lighted to avoid such comfy situation. Make sure your should be well lighted. You have to place bright light bulbs / LEDs for better lightning system in your study room. Please avoid sharp lightning system, which may be create some issue of flash type. Light Brown LED color is the better option. [White and Yellow Color combo] because our eyes feels comfort and relaxed.

2.Avoid heavy meals before to Study

Candidates try that they take light meal. They should avoid taking heavy meal before to start the study. At the time of study when candidate feeling lazy or snoozing mood then you are more likely to hit the bed. You have to take your meal early before to go study and opt the small meals. You have to make the proper diet plan to avoid feeling lazy due to heavy meal. Include the liquid things more in your diet plan. For night study please do your dinner earlier before to go to study.

3.Use the chair to Study not Bed

Sitting position of candidate during study also matters a lot. If you want to study for long hours, so avoid to study on Bed. Please use the chair with back support and table in front to study. It will help you stay active for long hours. Because your body parts keep doing some movements after regular intervals and keep you active. On the other hand if you sit on bed during study you might get into lazy mode then it is a major symptoms for sleep. On the other hand we can also say that bed means go to lazy mode.

4.Drink lots of water

Most of the general physicians suggest drinking a lot of water for better health. Interestingly, consuming a lot of water will help students in two ways. Apart from health, they can avoid sleep with drinking water because it will increase the captivating power and keep the brain well hydrated. One more thing is when you consume more water, then you will have to make frequent trips to bathroom for pee, which keeps you alert and moving.

5.Take a nap in the afternoon

Candidate must take a short nap in the afternoon. If you are continuous studying from the morning for long hours then afternoon nap helps to save your brain from getting exhausted. A short nap in afternoon will help you to avoid feeling sleepy during sleep at evening or late night time. It works like a refreshment of Mind and you can study for late night. Just remember one thing take a short nap, do not go for long sleep. Because its become a habit to sleep for long time in day period.

6. What is benefit of ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ funda?

Early to bed is the one of best example to be healthy all days. A famous quote “early to bed, early to rise’ which makes a man healthy, wealthy, active and wise. This is absolutely true and correct because it helps to manage your time effectively. You can study in morning time with fresh mind and get enough time to sleep at night if wake up in early morning. With fresh mind you can learn the things easily and more effectively. 

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7.Keep your body parts alert and awake

If you are studying with the same gesture / position for long period, then after some time you starts feeling some laziness and drowsiness. So you have to do some movement of your body parts like you may study while walking in the room. Because its keep you active, alert and helps to avoid the sleep. It also helps to enhances the concentration.

8. What is read out aloud technique to avoid sleep while studying?

This is the one of best trick to avoid sleep while studying is read out aloud. It helps to decrease the chances of falling asleep while studying. You can also adopt the teacher technique. You can try to teach yourself like a teacher. Because explains a topic like a teacher in classroom technique will help to improve your learning and explanation power. Its keep you alert, active and helps to study for long hours.

9. Avoid studying difficult topics at night time

Candidates should studying light and easy portion of syllabus during the night. Because during the night time you feel more lazy if you starts solving complex and difficult portion of your syllabus. So Try to tackle only the light and easy portion at night time. You can study the hard topics of your syllabus in day period. Because if you stuck in that situation you can ask for help your friends or teachers.

10. Study by Writing

Lots of students makes the same mistake and start studying without writing. If you start studying by reading text alone, it will create a monotonous learning and you starts feeling bored after some time. So better option is learn the things by writing and prepare the notes. By writing notes will help your brain remains active and alert. And you can avoid the sleep while study for long hours.

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Avoid Coffee

Many people thinks that coffee will help to stay awake at night time, but it is actually wrong. By consuming energy drinks or coffee during the night study might induce sleep. So avoid the coffee during night study, you can consume the water at regular intervals of time.

Avoid Mobile Phones and Social Network Life During Study

Many students start using their mobile phones and access the social networking life. But this is not right thing to study for long time. Because it can distract your mind and take you away from study. Lots of students spent their time on social networks and also play games on mobile phones. Due to it your eyes not feel comfort and after sometime you feel lazy and want to do some relax. So mobile phone and social life is not your priority, just focus on your career and mange all things properly.

Do some Yoga and Exercise when your Free

Yoga and exercise keep you healthy and active all day. Yoga will help to improve your learning power and concentration. You can also go for play the games to ground to do the physical activities. Lots of student who study for long period do not want to play any physical activity games. But this is the wrong thing, because physical activity by playing game, yoga or exercise, keeps you healthy and refresh your mind. You also feel relaxed and after play the game. But remember one thing do start planing the game whole day. Just make a proper plan to study and for physical activities.

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