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Career in Gemology: Scope & Career Opportunities | Job Description | Courses | Salary

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Are you want to make your career in Gemology? If yes then you are at right place. Check Career Opportunities in Gemology and what are the courses for Gemology. Also find the Job Description Options and what will be the package for it. Gemology is a Vibrating branch of Science where candidates identify natural gemstones professionally.

Career in Gemology: Scope & Career Opportunities:

Gems & Gemstones are revered for its beauty and significances in making of jewellery and other ornaments. In the modern world, the profession has changed into a discipline and line of work which is linked with valuable and semi-valuable stones. Gemology is regarded as a division of mineralogy, and is also a form of Geo-sciences. As we know that gems are the symbol of prestige, power, prosperity and glory since time immemorial. Gems are the most precious elements in the world and share equally with gold & platinum. Some other precious gems are diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies which are associated with our Indian culture.

Scope in Gemology:

As we know that Gem is one of the most precious and important part of Indian culture & Indians have ambition to have both precious & semi- precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies for their astrological significance. Gemstones are also considered as symbols of power and prosperity.


According to Hindu Astrological science, these stones can play a vital role in many aspects of their fate. With the trends of gems, the gemology studies are also rising in India as well as in abroad countries. Especially in India, tradition of wearing ornaments which are made up of gems, stones & different kinds of stone is very much demanding. Hence, it is a ever-green career to chose for the interested candidates.

Courses & diploma Programme Regarding Gemology:

How to become a Gemologist? There are lots of courses which are offered by institution in India and world wide also. These courses may be degree related, diploma or certificated courses. It is considered one of the most profitable & rewarding career options in the modern world. In this section, you will find some of the most famous courses given below: –

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in Diamond Processing
  • Diploma in Diamond Trade Management
  • Diploma in Gemology

Certificate courses:

  • International system of Diamond grading
  • Certificate course in planning & marketing
  • Coloured Gemstone cutting & polishing
  • Grading, Cutting, Polishing, Bruiting certificate courses
  • Courses in Jewellery design & Machine Cast Jewellery
  • Hard Shape Grooving courses

Bachelor’s Degree courses:

  • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Jewellery designing

Master level Courses:

  • Master Degree in fine arts in jewellery design
  • Post graduation diploma in diamond technology

Gemology Course Contents details

  • Gem’s identification and coloring
  • Metallurgical Processes
  • Basic Components of fashion
  • Design Methodology
  • Computer related designing
  • Ornament designing
  • Gemology grading etc.

Opportunities in Gemology:

The job prospect for a gemologist are plenty. Candidates can look for employment in a wide variety of places. Aspirants who want to go in this field can enter the mining or the gem exporting industry. In addition to this, candidates can also choose work in the jewellery designing and jewellery retailing business.

Interested candidates can also find great opportunities in industrial units specializing in gem cutting, jewellery design and gem polishing & treatment of rough gems. In fact, the diamond polishing industry in India is one of the largest foreign exchange earning sectors in the country.

Other career opportunity in gemology includes precious metal evaluating and testing laboratories and gem certifying bodies. Furthermore, you can look for a job in units producing gemmonological tools and instruments and those manufacturing artificially created gemstones.

Now, we are going to reveal last but not least you can take up a teaching assignment in any of the institutions offering courses in gemology or they can even set up their own independent business unit so that they work accordingly.

Market Watch:

Now a days, Gem cutting, polishing, treatment of gem, grading of raw precious and semi-precious stones have become big business in Indian and world also. This industry and other related activities for Gems such as jewellery designing, making, retailing and various gemstone consultancy will always keep the market hot for this professional profile. Therefore, it is advised to all those interested persons in this field to enroll themselves accordingly, as this business is not going to stop or recessanate for the next many decades.

Top companies in Gemology field:

  • Mining Industry
  • Jewellery shops and showrooms
  • Jewellery making and designing units
  • Gem Exporting organizations
  • Manufacturers producing gemological instruments and gem cutting and polishing tolls
  • Top notch goldsmiths
  • Various gem evaluating and testing laboratories
  • Gemstone and precious metal grading quality certifying agencies
  • Antique and art auction houses
  • Industries manufacturing synthetic or artificial gems

Gemologist Job Description:

The responsibility of a Gemologist is to study the quality, characteristics and value of gemstones and the rest of the work are done by the jewelers to produce a piece of jeweler. A gemologist identifies the gems and advises the jeweler about the compatibility of gems to particular metals. While making jewellery, identification is one of the most important elements of trade. And it makes the gemologist work all the more important and of great responsibility towards its customers. Some very precious stones like Rubies and Garnets sometimes look alike, but their values are considerably different, only a gemologist can easily identify the difference and know its physical characteristic and value.

Salary Package:

For Gemmologist Salary Package is different with skills and educational qualification you have obtained like Graduation / Higher Graduation Courses. A basic course holder in Gemmology can fetch you a salary in range of Rs. 12000 to Rs. 18000 per month. On other hand, candidates who hold good skills and higher qualification in Gemmology can exepct the salary range between Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 30,000 per month & other allowances as per company rules.

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