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Aeronautical Engineering (AE): Career & Job Opportunities, Salary, Scope, Courses

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What is Aeronautical Engineering ? If you are looking for same question then you are at right place. Check the Career in Aeronautical Engineering & Job Opportunities in India & World Wide. Also find Aeronautical Engineering Salary in India, what are the Scopes of Aeronautical Engineering? Aeronautical Engineering Courses details on this page. So read this article and find the useful information about the Aeronautical Engineering.

Introduction of Aeronautical Engineering:

If you get always fascinated with Planes, Aircrafts and spaceships & it make you more exciting..!! Then probably a career in Aeronautics might be your life’s calling. Aeronautical engineering is a popular career choice among the students today. Aeronautical Engineering is the deep study of the Aircrafts, planes, and spaceships. Aeronautics term has come from the ancient Greek word “Aer” which means ‘Air’ and “Nautike” means ‘navigation’ of the air. Aeronautics is nothing but is the art or science of the manufacturing, design, and study of air flight capable machines. Study in the field of Aeronautics involves the design and research of the machines or airplanes which moves in the space and air sphere of the earth.

Careers opportunities in Aeronautical Engineering:

Since Aeronautical Engineers have sounds knowledge of Aerospace material, Aerodynamics materials, aerodynamics, flight mechanics and structure propulsion, they can easily find their job opportunity in some famous organization like ISRO (Indian Space & Research Organization), the ministry of defiance etc. After Graduation in Aeronautics, one can grab a job opportunity with attractive salary packages with reputed organizations such as HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Civil Aviation Department, and Defence Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO).

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We want to assure the reader of this page, career in Aeronautical Engineering will promise a bright & great future ahead. If we consider opportunities outside India, Aerospace Engineers can find jobs in Countries such as USA, France, UK, and Germany etc. There is great and never ending demand of Aerospace students in private companies such as Airbus and Prestigious research centers such as NASA. We are providing a table below, from which you may get to know about Careers opportunities in Domestic as well as International companies & organizations.


Domestic Organizations Civil Aviation Department
ISRO (Indian Space & Research Organization)
NAL – National Aeronautical Laboratory
Ministry of Defence
HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
DRDO (Defence research & development organization)
International Organizations NASA

At the starting stage, aspirants may have to work as a junior engineers or engineering trainees, but with respect to time and their overall performance they will be promotioned very rapidly. Depending upon their experience, skill-set, academic background and aptitude ability they are placed for training in the aircraft maintenance or support system. On successful completion of their training, they may be promoted to positions of Assistant technical officers and Assistant Aircraft engineers. To acquire more promotion after that, employee needs to clear in-house departmental exams.

We are again emphasizing that there is a wide scope of employment opportunities in Aeronautics, provided one must be passionate and hold the right skill-sets in regard to this field of study.

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Aeronautical Engineering: Courses & Duration:

There are so many courses related to Aeronautics especially for Aeronautical engineering. Aeronautical engineering is most emerging field of engineering these days. The basic eligibility in order to pursue these courses is that one must belong to science background at their intermediate level i.e. they must have good commence over the mathematics, physics in their 10+2 level.  In this section, we have discussed courses in India of aeronautical engineering.

  1. Polytechnic diploma course which generally of 3 years.
  2. Any UG degree Courses related to Aeronautics like B.E/ B.Tech which is duration of 4 years.
  3. Post graduation courses like M.E/ M.Tech with duration of 2 years.
  4. Doctoral degree Courses such as PhD domain with the duration of 1-2 years.

Top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Madras
  • Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Kanpur
  • Manipal Institute of Technology
  • Anna University
  • PEC University of Technology

Specialization in Aeronautics Engineering:

The specializations in Aeronautical engineering have been listed below: –

  • Electronic System
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Ground Vehicle System
  • Aircraft Structures and Materials
  • Structural Analysis
  • Transportation system
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Structural design and engineering
  • Instrumentation and Communication
  • Navigational guidance and Control System

Some special & famous Aeronautics Related Courses:

  • Aeronautical Engineering:

As we are very much familiar with aeronautical engineering that it deals with the study of aircraft, missiles and space satellites. In this course, candidates get to know about design, control and maintenance of aircrafts, both theoretically and practically. This Course also updates you about various technologies integral in aeronautics. You can pursue B.E, B.Tech, and M.E and PhD degrees in this field & can get employment in space agencies and GPS stations as a aeronautical engineers.

  • Aerospace Engineering:

Aerospace engineering includes design, manufacture, functioning and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. In Aerospace Engineering – Subjects is the combination of physical science and mathematics that gives you a wholesome perspective of air vehicles. Various organizations like DRDO, ONGC, Air India, Indian Air force, Indian Army and Navy offers various posts regarding Aeronautical space engineering.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

Aircraft Maintenance engineering mainly deals with post graduation maintenance of aircraft through concepts such as structural analysis, aerodynamics, fluid science and material dynamics. Chemistry and Mechanics are the major points of this course. Bachelors of engineering and Bachelor of science are widely available degree’s in Air craft maintenance engineering. Students of this field may get employment in the teaching, publishing and engineering of aircraft maintenance.

  • Space engineering and Rocketry:

Space engineering and rocketry is basically the study of space, satellites and rockets. Key topics covered in this field are solar system, planets, galaxies and their climatic etc.  This topic is studies as specialization basically at the post graduation level. Students of Space Engineering and Rocketry may become an Astronaut or a scientist with this course.

  • Aircraft Design:

This program could be your magnum opus if you are very much passionate about designing vehicles. Candidates who have completed their bachelor’s in mechanical engineering or any other engineering related to designing and shaping, and then they might pursue their Master’s in Aircraft Designing to become a Aircraft Designer.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary Package & Scope:

The salary packages in Aeronautics may depend upon various factors like candidates’ education qualification, academic background, institute from which he pursued his/her degree in aeronautics, experience etc. usually, the average starting salary of an aeronautical engineer is around 2.50 Lakhs per annum, which may increase up to Rs. 50 Lakhs per annum or beyond it depending upon a candidate’s experience, skill-set and talent and organization which they join.

The aeronautical engineering has a wide scope to get the higher salary packages by using their skills and innovative ideas on the field. A good command on aeronautical engineering theoretical / practical knowledge also triggers towards to the career and a good salary package.

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